House Rules

As a rental tenant, you are expected to abide by the house rules and treat the apartment, including all equipment, furniture and appliances with care at all times.

Please inspect the condition of the apartment upon your arrival. If there is any problem or damage with the apartment, equipment, furniture or appliance, you must contact us immediately so we can make repairs or replacement as soon as possible.

The premises shall not be used for any purposes other than as temporary residential apartment.

We appreciate your collaboration in this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary as the apartment is situated in residential buildings.

Our main objective is for you to have an excellent and pleasurable experience in Barcelona while respecting the neighborhood residential community.

I. Noise
Quiet Hours:
10:00 pm – 9:00 am
(Every Day)
  • Please make sure that you do not disturb our neighbors at any time, by respecting the noise levels within the:
    • Apartment (including balconies)
    • Shared common areas (stairs, hallway, and elevator)
  • Make sure TV, CD player, or radio is not loud.
  • Parties and Loud music ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
    • Any complaints by neighbors or police will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION and loss of prepaid rent and all deposits regardless of time of day or night.
II. No Smoking
  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
III. No Pets
  • Pets are absolutely forbidden.
IV. No Bicycle Storage
  • It is absolutely prohibited to store bicycles within the apartment or building premises.
V. Number of Guests
  • Only the guests indicated by the client in the booking are authorized to occupy the apartment.
  • Any infringement of these obligations, the client and his/her guests will be evicted from the apartment.
VI. Air Conditioning / Lights
  • This is a GREEN apartment - Help us remain green by conserving/saving energy.
    • Please turn Off the air conditioner, lights and all other electrical appliance(s) when you leave apartment.
    • The Air Conditioning unit operates by remote control: Activate by pressing the On/Off (largest) button, and then set to desired temperature.
VII. Cleaning
  • Upon your departure the apartment should be returned in a reasonably clean condition as you had received!
    • Kitchen should be cleaned (especially of food debris) and garbage taken out.
  • If you would like cleaning services during your stay, we can accommodate it for you at an additional cost which also includes a complete change of sheets and towels.
  • Stove / Stainless Steel Appliance Caution:
    • DO NOT USE any abrasive materials, chemicals or scrubbing to avoid damage or scratching on:
      • Glass-ceramic cook-top Stove or Stainless Steel Appliances
      • You will be liable for any damages incurred and charged accordingly!
VIII. Garbage
  • It is mandatory to put the garbage out daily.
  • Place it by the wall in front of our building from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
General Rules
IX. Security
  • Please make sure all windows/doors are securely closed/locked and that you always maintain possession of the key when you leave the apartment.
    • You will be charged €30.00 (euro) to replace lost apartment key(s);
    • If you locked yourself out, you will be charged a €30.00 (euro) fee to have management re-open the apartment.
  • Apartment’s with Elevators: Please make sure to lock the elevator door!
  • For your own safety, NEVER answer or open the street door;
    • Communication and Entry of guest(s) should only be allowed through interphone/intercom.
Please review Safety Tips for more info.
X. Lost / Stolen Items
  • HIBCN is not responsible for any lost, stolen or forgotten personal items.
  • Please check that you do not leave any of personal belongings left behind before leaving the apartment.
XI. Check In / Check Out
  • If Check-In more than 20 minutes after agreed time, you will be charged €50.00 (euro)
  • If Check-Out more than 20 minutes after agreed time, you will be charged €100.00 (euro)
XII. Contact Number
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at +34 687 875932


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