How to book an apartment

Easy as 1-2-3

Select and book your apartment in 3 easy steps.
1 Find an apartment
  • Find apartments which are available for your dates and number of people using our simple search engine.
  • Choose best apartment for you by examining detailed page of each apartment with full descriptions, photos and customer reviews.

2 Complete online booking
  • Review your booking details (dates, number of people, total price, etc.)
  • Fill in your personal and arrival information.
3 Prepay with credit card. Check your e-mail for instant confirmation
  • Make an online prepayment to book the apartment. The amount for the prepayment is shown on the detailed apartment page and on the booking page. The remaining balance is to be paid upon arrival.
  • Check your e-mail for instant confirmation. After secure credit card transaction is completed, the apartment is booked and an e-mail confirmation sent to your e-mail address. Apartment manager also receives instant alert of your booking.
  • Please print/save your confirmation e-mail with detail check-in instructions, apartment address, and contact information of the apartment manager.
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